Partnerships with insurers and foreign centers

The General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud has established contracts with dozens of insurers and international health centers, increasing these hirings more and more, so that their members can find in the HGPS a health provider to whom they can entrust their health in their whole. It also has an inter-institutional agreement with the consular corps accredited in the Dominican Republic.

Does HGPS only offer services to insured foreign patients? It is important to note that the HGPS provides services to patients around the world with traveler insurance, international insurance and uninsured foreign patients, through the International Department. It offers assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Both the national patients with insurance with international coverage and the foreign patients without health insurance, can receive assistance in the International Department of HGPS. Through it they can receive assistance in a medical consultation with the heads of the services, more fluid billing, translation,

accompaniment to areas and consultations in Premium areas of the hospital, without the need for long lines or waiting time, among other facilities. The International Department has a team of multilingual people, specialized and trained in tourist medicine, headed by Dr. Lidia Acosta , as a manager, in conjunction with doctors, nurses and administrators who provide support in the areas of Case Coordination, Care Coordination and Patient Navigation, and Financial Coordination.

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