Volunteering of the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud (HGPS), is an organization that comes under the umbrella of the Hospital Board, non-profit, to collaborate with the hospital community with a high degree of solidarity and commitment.

This Volunteering is made up of a group of ladies, motivated by the sincere desire to do good to others, dignifying the human being.


Volunteering of the HGPS, wishes to be a solidary organization, capable of responding to the multiple needs, emotional, psychological, spiritual and economic, to all the people who attend the Hospital and seek to preserve their health, under the firm criteria of universality, justice, equity and compassion for the suffering of others.


Orient patients and visitors of the Hospital, thus serving as facilitators, in order to have a better and faster access to the different services offered. Offer financial assistance for programs of scholarship in continuing education, medical residency and updates of doctors and medical students who require it, and thus contribute to the search for excellence in the quality of hospital service.

Contribute to the disclosure of the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud, as a leader in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases for the general population. Provide economic support for procedures and treatments for people with limited resources.

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