The Department of Dentistry HGPS offers basic and specialized dental services with the highest standards of professional quality supported by technological equipment to guarantee our patients comprehensive care.

We have a group of professionals from all areas guaranteeing continuity in the treatments and a permanent orientation in their specific needs.

We offer comfortable facilities with service units, fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, our team is formed and has recognized experience in different areas of dentistry and an administrative staff trained to provide all the advice and information that is necessary.

Our dental treatments are based on accurate and reliable diagnoses. We have established trust relationships with our suppliers, which guarantees effectiveness in the delivery of results and timely response times. In addition, we use products and high quality inputs that guarantee the optimal results of the treatments.

In the Department of Dentistry HGPS we manage external dental laboratories specialized in each of the areas of dentistry (prosthetics, orthodontics, etc.). In this way, we give you confidence when performing the treatment you want with the highest standards in quality.

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