Is it correct to self-medicate?


Published in: Today Digital
Author: Dr. Elier Antonio Luciano, Surgeon-urologist, Uroplaza of the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud.

The use of medications that a person does for himself without a prescription is the main problem we face because of the ease with which we can obtain a medication without prior medical authorization, added to the culture of our people, who usually recommends the use of an antibiotic from his own experience.

The problem lies - and perhaps was the reason for this article - in the ignorance of using an antibiotic without adequate scientific evidence, not only in the type, but also in the dose and duration, exposing itself to converting the disease into a resistant entity. the treatments.

In our country, and not only in urinary tract infections - the fact of taking antibiotic therapy without being clinically justified will affect the microbial flora of the urinary system (set of microorganisms that are normally located in different parts of the body) that helps maintain the natural balance preventing infections.

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