Management of the patient with fatigue


Once the causal diagnosis of fatigue is made, the first thing is to make the patient aware of the reasons for what he is feeling in his body; explain it in a simple language that he can understand and even explain it to his family so that he can initiate the corrective management of the place.

That the patient feels clear about what happens to his body gives us more guarantee that he will stick to the treatment that we are going to indicate.

Many of these treatments are aimed at changes in lifestyle, and involve teaching our patient a new way to perform their daily routines or, rather, what should be included now.

In other cases, such as when dealing with a chronic disease, a referral to another specialist is required, but keeping the accompaniment of the family doctor in order to ensure compliance with the indicated treatment. In other words, management depends on the cause; if the fatigue is due to bad habits, the treatment will be the abandonment of the same, if it is an infectious cause, the handling will be to fight the infection, etc.

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