Our Welfare Bioethics Committee and the National Bioethics Commission constitute a network of Welfare Bioethics Committees in the country


Our Welfare Bioethics Committee, the National Bioethics Commission and representatives of various institutions that have welfare ethics committees express their willingness to be part of this initiative of common interest.

The Robert Reid Cabral Children's Hospital, the Rosa Tavares National Cancer Institute (INCART), the Padre Billini Teaching Hospital, the Santo Socorro Mother and Child Hospital, the Dr. Luís Eduardo Aybar Hospital and the Hugo Mendoza Pediatric Hospital developed a meeting where they presented the evidences of the antecedents, current and perceptive situation of bioethics at national level, by Dr. Julio Canarios, President of the National Bioethics Commission (CNB) and Dr. Miguel Suazo, Advisor (CNB).

The purpose of the meeting was to set up the Network of Assistance Bioethics Committees of the Dominican Republic (Red CBA-RD), which will aim to strengthen the functioning, mission and vision of the Committees, exchange experiences of clinical cases with ethical dilemmas and maintain education continuous of the members. In it, it was established to hold meetings every two months to show results.

The coordinating committee of the CBA-RD Network was elected, represented by: Dr. Marcos Rosado, Coordinator CBA of INCART; Dr. Ricardo Elías Melgen, Medical Director of the H. Infantile Robert Reid Cabral; Lic. Luz Caridad Pantaleón, Coordinator CBA of the HGPS; Dr. Julio Castro, CBA Coordinator, Father Billini and Lic. Luddy García, CBA Secretary of HGPS.


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