What is an institutional ethics committee


The functions of this committee are linked to the moral assistance of administrative services in the field of health.

It addresses the administrative sphere and its main function is to establish the instruments that train and educate staff about the relationship between their work and the process of moralizing medical services and care provided by the center.

It makes use of the codes to regulate appropriate behaviors and is called to tune them to direct them until they coincide with the "telos" or final objectives of the health center.

It is based on instrumental values based on efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness plus those of the institution to which sensitivity, ethics and innovation are added.

Their task will be to bring them closer to the intrinsic values of bioethics that are based on the work of health personnel consisting of curing, improving, alleviating and accompanying the patients in a respectful way.
Generally they move through deontological codes that focus more on the proper behavior of employees, interested in the generation of moral behaviors, which in this case is the hospital and the proper management of patients, which is the transverse axis and main service

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