We perform 1st Operative of Cataract Surgery for patients of limited resources


Motivated by the recent inauguration of the OFTALMOPLAZA Ophthalmology and Otorhino Center, the Volunteering of our hospital together with the Ophthalmology Management and the Social Service Management, we performed the 1st Operative of Cataract Surgery with the slogan "To recover your vision".

This operation was aimed at people of limited resources, without medical insurance and affected by advanced cataracts. In the development of the day, 29 patients regained their vision, including a 24-year-old man whose diabetes product had completely disappeared for more than a year.

The activity was headed by Dr. Jacqueline Dauhajre, an ophthalmologist resident in New York City, accompanied by Dr. Zeev Stegman, an ophthalmologist and a group of young medical students, including his son Richard Atallah.

Dr. Dagoberto Almánzar, Ophthalmology Manager was in charge of the selection and evaluation of the patients, as well as the supervision of the support team that works in the ophthalmology unit. The young Maria Virginia Castaños Toral, doctor, actively participated in the coordination and logistics of the same.

The realization and success of this day was made possible thanks to the support of Alcón Dominicana and the Dominican Medical Association in New York.

Volunteering since its creation annually carries out days for the prevention and detection of diseases directed to people of low resources, being this day of Cataract Surgery, the most important carried out so far, not only for the high cost of it, but also for the great joy that means to recover the vision, positively impacting the Dominican population.

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