Restoring periocular aesthetics


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Author: Dra. Nilva V. Soto Abreu, Ophthalmologist, Specialist in eyelid surgery, lacrimal pathways and orbit. Department of Ophthalmology of the HGPS.

The eyes are the focal point of the face. The periocular region is the area of the face where the signs of fatigue and aging are more evident, due to the decrease and excess of the tissues, associated or not with the loss of volume.

Invasive and non-invasive aesthetic procedures are an excellent cost-effective measure to improve overall facial appearance.

The eyelids are complex and delicate tissues that have the important function of protecting the eye.

With the passage of time and environmental aggressions (exposure to the sun, cold, smoking ...), the anatomy of the eyelids is affected, the skin becomes redundant and heavy ...

The fat that surrounds the eyeball moves forward giving rise to the bags, the muscles that hold the eyelids weaken, hyperpigmentations appear, grooves are marked and the eyebrow falls.

This gives the eyes a sad and tired look.

In severe cases, excess skin and bags can cause occlusion of the visual axis, obstructing the patient's vision.

Anti-aging medicine and aesthetic medicine advance by leaps and bounds and offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to improve periocular appearance. However, it is of vital importance that the procedures to be performed in this area improve aesthetics without affecting the palpebral function.

The gold standard of surgeries for periocular rejuvenation is blepharoplasty, although depending on each case it can be combined with other procedures, such as eyebrow pexy, muscle and tendon reinforcement, or non-surgical procedures such as implanting fillings and / or application of botulinum toxin.

Currently, women and men frequently demand this type of procedure, and the surgeon must adapt each case to the particular characteristics of each one, respecting the corresponding femininity or virility features (important when repositioning the eyebrow), so we could say that each treatment is personalized.

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