Preventive Health: Prevention measures


Taking some eye safety precautions in your daily life can drastically reduce the risk of eye injuries. Turning these tips into habits and teaching them to your children will help you safeguard your family's long-term vision. Always handle sharp objects such as knives, scissors, and even pencils, with extreme care. Never point them in the direction of your face or someone else's and do not allow young children to have access to them. Supervise children's activities and buy them toys that do not have sharp ends or tip-shaped or projectiles that fire at high speed.

Always use adequate eye protection and pay special attention when working with chemical products or tools. Use eye safety equipment and helmets as appropriate when practicing sports.
Sun glasses are essential to prevent long-term eye damage caused by sunlight. Avoid looking directly at the sun, especially during an eclipse. Store hazardous chemicals in a safe and stable place to prevent spills and splashes. Wash your hands after using any chemical product to avoid accidentally rubbing your eyes. Never remove protective guards from power tools.

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