What is endodontics?


Published in: Today Digital
Author: Dr. Alan Díaz Lerebours, Endodontist Dentistry Management of the General Hospital of the Plaza de la Salud.

To determine that a tooth should be treated for treatment of the ducts it is essential to make an accurate diagnosis.

This is the most important stage of the treatment because in it we will determine the future of the tooth. For this, a series of tests are carried out that will help establish what the nerve state is.

The first necessary test is a radiographic study that allows to see the state of the tooth in all its extension. Without an x-ray, the operator will not be able to observe the inside of the tooth and, therefore, will not be able to know the extent of the caries or the fracture, if it touches the nerve and if it has affected the nerve and / or the root.

At present we have digital radiographs that allow us a more accurate diagnosis, the image appears quickly on the computer screen, that is, the patient does not have to wait for the clinician to reveal the X-rays and thus the procedure is practiced a lot. faster.

If the nerve involvement is not entirely clear on the radiograph, then the vitality of the tooth is assessed. The abnormal reaction to thermal changes (cold or heat), will serve to determine if the condition of the tooth requires treatment by means of a conduit treatment or if more conservative techniques can be applied, which allow maintaining the vitality of the affected nerve.

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