Relationship between debts and health


Published in: Today Digital
Author: Dra. Rosio Del Pilar Rymer, Family physician / Prevention of occupational risks, Quality Management, Manager of Occupational Health Unit General Hospital Plaza de la Salud.

Usually when people are stressed they often neglect their health, and with so many financial problems in mind they disregard medical appointments, exams and any type of health-related expenses that can contribute to increasing debt.

The average debt on credit cards per family ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 pesos. Taking that into account, we could say with certainty that the average consumer faces some type of stress and anxiety related to debts, which may be affecting both their physical and mental health. This situation of stress becomes for many an overwhelming burden.

Some experts found a direct relationship between cardiovascular problems and overweight, with financial problems because one of the first consequences when personal finances are not stable is anxiety and, in general, people who suffer from anxiety tend to eat more and less healthy.

These diseases can become very serious problems if stress persists.

To know if the administration of finances has begun to affect our health, it is opportune to pay attention to the presence of the following manifestations:

1. negativity
2. excessive concern
3. somatizations
4. insomnia
5. Moodiness and irritability
6. conflicting family and interpersonal relationships
7. lack of concentration
8. feeling of helplessness and frustration
9. low self-esteem
10. Hair loss and skin lesions
11. premature gray hair


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